Origins: The Search for a Place

Here’s another truly excellent piece of robotic animation, created as a senior thesis at Ringling College of Art + Design by Robert Showalter. Showalter did everything except the music, which is by Cody Cook.

At under three minutes, with no words and luminous visuals, Origins presents us with a profound exploration of Belonging.


Here’s a great little animated film by Luke Randall. It uses the idea of a newly “born” robot to create a brief, poignant mediation on ambition, desire and “in-built” limitations.

Reach (Australia-2009; short [3:50 min]; dir. Luke Randall)

A (Defective) Robot War

Two defective robots in a robot factory fight over a loose hand. It’s cute. And rather poignant.

The animator is Rani Naamani.

Source: AniBoom