Origins: The Search for a Place

Here’s another truly excellent piece of robotic animation, created as a senior thesis at Ringling College of Art + Design by Robert Showalter. Showalter did everything except the music, which is by Cody Cook.

At under three minutes, with no words and luminous visuals, Origins presents us with a profound exploration of Belonging.

Giant Robot

Beautiful painting of a giant robot by Franco Brambilla. [Super Punch via Michael May’s Adventure Blog]:

Robot Showdown

Two totally different robots face off in a beautfully rendered short CG film — World War by University Of Hertfordshire student Vincent Chai. Its semi-retro stylings and attention to detail are superb.

For more animation wonders, see Aniboom — the Animation Virtual Studio.

Creating Robot 13

Undead Backbrain has just posted an extensive interview with Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford, creators of a new comic series called Robot 13, which features the existential wanderings of a robot seeking clues to his own identity and fighting giant mythological monsters in the process.


The creators of the comic discuss their concept for Robot 13, both narratively and pictorially, recount how they got together to form Blacklist Studios, the influences behind the art of Robot 13 and much else besides.

Part One of the interview begins here.


A new independently created and published comic — along with a proposed and long-in-development TV series — has been announced. Created by SFX designer Fon Davis, M.O.R.A.V. Multi-operational Robotic Armoured Vehicle seeks to depict in a realistic fashion the development of a robot army as part of future global conflict. The first issue of the comic is completed, with five further parts under way.


More information on Undead Backbrain.

Classic Robot Art

In these pictures, fine art paintings and sculptures have been manipulated (using Photoshop) to represent the artistic endeavours of a robot world (what is referred to as “Borgged Art”). They were created as entries in a competition.

Robot Crusades by”monkeyknife” (click on this one to get a bigger view)


Robo Thinker by “Redbull_UK”


ModaLisa by “spaceship222”:


ikon by “DeVersion”:


There are many more in the Worth1000 Galleries: Gallery 1 and Gallery 2

Cyborg Insects


Sydney-based conceptual artist Dean Christ has been building what he calls his UBYKA ARMY™. It is, he claims, the new evolution of bio-warfare: “a glimpse of a near future of hyper-aggressive and high-tech cyborg insect weapons to establish a new world order…. Their mission: eradicate the human race and bring peace to planet earth. This was not called genocide. It was called recalibration.”



“At the turn of the 21st century, the Pentagon’s D.A.R.P.A (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) advanced biomechanics into the UBYKA phase – machine-insect interfaces by placing micro-mechanical systems inside the insects during the early stages of metamorphosis.

These UBYKA cyborg animals were superior in strength and agility, and enhanced with the latest technology including self-mending nanotechnology.”


Great stuff! And they’re for sale.

Check out the full range, and their specifications, here.