Weird Robot War

Check out this robot war. It’s also sound based, like the one a few posts back


Cyborg Insects


Sydney-based conceptual artist Dean Christ has been building what he calls his UBYKA ARMY™. It is, he claims, the new evolution of bio-warfare: “a glimpse of a near future of hyper-aggressive and high-tech cyborg insect weapons to establish a new world order…. Their mission: eradicate the human race and bring peace to planet earth. This was not called genocide. It was called recalibration.”



“At the turn of the 21st century, the Pentagon’s D.A.R.P.A (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) advanced biomechanics into the UBYKA phase – machine-insect interfaces by placing micro-mechanical systems inside the insects during the early stages of metamorphosis.

These UBYKA cyborg animals were superior in strength and agility, and enhanced with the latest technology including self-mending nanotechnology.”


Great stuff! And they’re for sale.

Check out the full range, and their specifications, here.

Ditko’s Robot War

Comic artist Steve Ditko and Mort Todd produced a one-page comic series under the name Robot War — for Cracked Magazine (remember that?). It’s a robotic version of the Spy vs Spy strip that appeared in Mad. Here’s an example from issue 225 (1987):


Non-RAM Robot Wars 101

These sport-oriented Robot Wars — hosted by Craig Charles (aka Lister) from Red Dwarf and celebrated in a particularly memorable episode “Mettle”) of the Simon Pegg-Nick Frost sitcom Spaced (1999) — are not like RAM’s performance-art Robot Wars. In a small way, though, they lie behind the iconography of Robot War Espresso, even though memory of them didn’t enter my forebrain until after the story had acquired its title.

RAM’s robots are, of course, generally bigger than these — and where the machines of the televised Robot Wars are part of a sort of Fight Club mentality, RAM’s impractical creations are inspired by the sheer perversity of their creator’s aesthetic sensibilities and deviant worldview.