Designs on Korea’s Taekwon V

The Taekwon V Lab has posted a bunch of designs that may reflect how the iconic Korean giant robot Taekwon V will look in the upcoming live-action Taekwon V film. The designs (as seems visually obvious) are by Josh Nizzi, who worked on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and will likewise be involved in the third of the US Transformers blockbusters.

Taekwon V, South Korea’s giant mecha, which gets its name from its martial art prowess, more traditionally looks like this recently released (and very beautiful) model:

Naturally the robot will be getting a millennial upgrade for the new film, which is still in production but is scheduled for release in 2011. Here’s some of Nizzi’s conceptual design work for that upgrade, with options offered. Clearly Nizzi is going for the current modular look popularised by Michael Bay’s Transformers.

Below is a video of some test animation: