MORAV: The History of Robotic Warfare

The M.O.R.A.V. (Multi-Operational Robotic Armored Vehicle) world, created by Fon Davis, began life, conceptually at least, as a live-action TV show. An ambitious project, work on it has since gone into abeyance — not abandoned, just gathering its forces for the next assault.

Meanwhile Davis started work on a six-part comic series of the M.O.R.A.V. tale, which Undead Backbrain reported on back in June last year. That apparently fell through, but Davis subsequently found a publisher interested in a graphic novel version.


M.O.R.A.V. chronicles the earliest days of giant robotic warfare. We are introduced to Lt. Michael Okeda, a cocky fighter pilot who is thrust into a daunting new world of armed conflict, where he and his fellow soldiers must fight for their lives.

For a full synopsis, go to the website.

Creator Fon Davis reports:

We’ve taken what was going to be the 132 page 6 issue comic book series and combined it in to a single graphic novel, which will include an extra 30 pages of bonus material.

So, the M.O.R.A.V.: History of Robotic Warfare graphic novel is 160 pages long. If you or anyone you know wants to order a copy, there is a link on my website I will be signing exclusive advance copies of M.O.R.A.V.: The History of Robotic Warfare at Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego.

The story features giant robots of the mecha kind, used not only for policing, but as combat weapons once World War Three breaks out. Davis commented in regards to the TV show:

If you like robot science fiction, MORAV could be what you’ve always wanted to see but no one has done. This kind of gritty realism is uncommon in the robot science fiction genre. [It] is heavily focused on keeping stories character based and making the environment tangible. There is an effort to bring the audience into a world where robots really walk the streets. The robots in this series do not jump, fly, and shoot lasers out of their eyes. They are designed the way giant robots would be if they were real.

In regards to the live-action version, Davis added:

I am going back to producing the live action webisodes of M.O.R.A.V. this August.  I’m really looking forward to getting back to the live action series.  Here is a sneak peak at the 1/6 scale Gen 1 M.O.R.A.V. we’re building for that series right now in my studio [see below].

  • Source: Fon Davis via Kaiju Search-Robot Avery. Written by Robert Hood.

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