More Rampant Robots

Last weekend’s Fright Flick episode on Undead Backbrain featured two short films about robots with attitude. The main feature — Hanger No. 5 (US-2008; short [11:10 min]; dir. Nathan Matsuda) — is an Indiana-Jonesish adventure in which two fortune-hunting scavengers enter an abandoned military establishment dating from the 1950s and come face-to-face with some long-dormant mechanical experiments in robotic warfare. View it here.

Its secondary support feature is a very nice vignette from the UK: Recovered (UK-2009; short [3:23 min]; dir. Joe Efstathiou and Alfredo Antonio Cozz). This one offers a Cloverfield-like view of a giant robot attack. Excellent.



  1. Now that was excellent, Rob. Very Cloverfield, but with it’s own thing going on.

  2. Hi, Trent. Yeah, I never cease to be amazed at the quality of some of these college and/or homemade short films. The quality is often so high. I particularly like the lyrical, wordless storytelling of this one.

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