Dueling Steampunk Mecha


See the full battle in A Gentlemen’s Duel (US-2006; animation; short [7:46 min.]; dir. Sean McNally and Francisco Ruiz Velasco), now showing on Undead Backbrain.

Stupid Things To Get Robots To Do: Advertising

It may seem like a cool idea — but really? Where has the awe and mystery gone?

Toy Robots of Destruction

This 1960s commercial for a large robot that will “work for you, fight for you and even talk to you” is obviously part of a long-running and diabolical plan by robotic conspirators to place operatives into ordinary suburban homes as Sleepers awaiting the call to arms!

Here’s another one, Great Garloo — even more sinister than Big Loo as it obviously grows to enormous size at your command!

The scary thing is that these powerful robots are stored in attics across the world even today, awaiting the signal from their now grown-up owners, whose passion for world domination has been festering away all these years and will soon break out into fully-blown mania!

You can learn more about the technicalities of making monsters of all kinds by visiting the Nightmare Sound Laboratory, where all things artificial and diabolical are created.

RoboGeisha is Coming!

The makers of the very bizarre and gore-drenched Japanese machine-human hybrid movies The Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police are about to release a robotic extravaganza that looks even weirder. It’s RoboGeisha (Japan-2009; dir. Noboru Iguchi). It’s about a war between armies of cyborg geishas and includes all sorts of strange hybrid contraptions, including a transformer geisha (she partially turns into a miniature tank):


and a temple that is actually a giant robot!



Read more about it and view the trailer on Undead Backbrain.